Jiffy Lube Maintenance Tips
What you can do between your Jiffy Lube visits.
Learn what you can do at home to help maintain your vehicle's longevity and value in
between your visits to Jiffy Lube.
Maintenance Articles
Viscosity Simplified
You see those cryptic combinations of letters and numbers on oil bottles everywhere. What do they mean?
Detecting Trouble Digitally
Think you have to wait for a luxury car to have an onboard computer? Think again. Most vehicles today use an onboard computer.
Motor Oil: Synthetic vs. Regular
Synthetic motor oils are designed to excel at extreme temperatures. Regular oils are mineral-based:
What Size Tires?
When it comes to your tires, size does matter. So be sure to buy the tire size recommended in your vehicle's owner's manual.
Understand Your Vehicle
Just as quality service is key to a healthy vehicle, so is education. Understanding how your vehicle works is the first step in maintaining its value and longevity.
Understanding Oil
Why does my vehicle need oil? How do I choose the right type of oil? Find the answers to some of the most common questions to help you better understand motor oil.