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2013 Jiffy Lube® MUSCLE UPSM Promotion Terms and Conditions
The 2013 Jiffy Lube® Muscle UpSM promotion is a fundraising effort benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) (http://www.mda.org/). Muscle Up is a trademark of Jiffy Lube. Images of individuals are copyrighted by MDA. Jiffy Lube and the Jiffy Lube design mark are registered trademarks of Jiffy Lube International, Inc.
The Muscle Up promotion will begin August 1 and end on September 2, 2013. Customers who visit participating Jiffy Lube service centers and donate $3 to MDA will receive a Muscle Up savings book while supplies last. Muscle Up savings books will not be available after September 2, 2013.
One hundred percent of the funds raised from the Muscle Up promotion will benefit MDA and its programs. These donations will help MDA fund critical research and education programs to help the fight against muscular dystrophy in your community.
All coupons in the Muscle Up savings books will expire on July 31, 2014. Acceptance of any other offers in combination with the coupons is at the sole discretion of the owner/operator of the participating Jiffy Lube service center. Please see individual coupons from Jiffy Lube and other MDA supporters in the Muscle Up savings book for coupon-specific terms and conditions.
Jiffy Lube International (http://www.jiffylube.com/) reserves the right to modify or change the promotional program at any time.
©2013 Jiffy Lube International, Inc.