Engine Air Filter Replacement

Engine Air Filter Replacement

Count on your local Jiffy Lube® for an engine air filter replacement and give your engine a breath of fresh air. 

How Engine Air Filters Work

An engine air filter traps airborne contaminants before they enter the engine. Without the engine air filter, these contaminants can cause damage to the engine cylinder walls, pistons, and piston rings. Also, an engine air filter helps keep these contaminants away from the airflow sensor in fuel-injected vehicles. 

How Often to Replace Your Engine Air Filter

Always follow Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommendations for maintenance schedules and service intervals. Generally, the engine air filter should be inspected regularly and replaced when showing signs of wear and tear.

Choose Your Local Jiffy Lube

If you’re experiencing sluggish acceleration or your check engine light is illuminated, your engine air filter might be clogged. No problem! Visit your local Jiffy Lube® for an engine air filter replacement. A trained technician will remove and inspect the filter and, if necessary, replace it with a new, clean filter based on OEM recommendations. Also, the friendly, knowledgeable staff can offer personalized recommendations for your vehicle based on your driving habits and conditions. 

NOTE: Not all services are offered at all Jiffy Lube service centers. Please call ahead or check jiffylube.com to ensure the service is available at the Jiffy Lube location near you.

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