Social Media Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use apply to everyone who engages with Jiffy Lube International, Inc. and/or the Jiffy Lube® brand on external social media sites (“Jiffy Lube social media sites”). The intent of these Terms of Use is to help maintain a meaningful, constructive and transparent discussion. The Terms of Use include:
If you are a Jiffy Lube employee, please review the Jiffy Lube internal social media guidelines.

SECTION I: General Social Media Participation Guidelines

The following Participation Guidelines apply to anyone accessing or posting to Jiffy Lube social media sites.

General Social Media Terms of Use


Content Moderation

Privacy Protection


Disclosure of Identity

Submitting Feedback, Queries and/or Complaints


SECTION II: Social Media Identity & Endorsement Guidelines

Understanding who is posting and their connection to Jiffy Lube is important to ensure transparency and foster authentic discussions. The following Social Media Identity and Endorsement Guidelines outline disclosure best practices.

Social Media Identity Guidelines

Endorsement Guidelines

Testimonials and endorsements must be truthful and not misleading. To ensure full transparency, if there is a material connection between a person giving an endorsement or testimonial about Jiffy Lube or its products or services that may affect how people evaluate the endorsement or testimonial, the connection should be disclosed. Below are recommended disclosures to use as a guide. The key is that the disclosure should be prominent and in close proximity to the endorsement/testimonial, and should not be in a website footer, terms of service or privacy policy.

Social Media Sites


Editorial blog

Review blog

Video Sharing Sites

Photo Sharing Sites