Tips in a Jiffy


Getting your tires rotated on a regular basis can maximize tire life. Learn when it’s best to check your tire pressure and how proper tire inflation can help to provide the best overall tire performance.


The air filters in your vehicle need changing just like the ones in your home. Learn how engine air filters and cabin air filters help prevent dirt, dust and more from getting into your vehicle.


Getting the correct fluid for your vehicle is key, and it’s important to know which fluids your vehicle needs. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant fluid, power-steering fluid and washer fluid can help to lubricate, maintain, clean and assist your vehicle’s moving parts.

Motor Oil

Know more about your vehicle and whether you need Conventional motor oil, Synthetic motor oil, or High Mileage motor oil. Learning the differences between “normal” and “severe” driving conditions can help determine your driving habits and which motor oil is best for your vehicle.


Brakes suffer from wear and tear just like other parts of a vehicle. Learn why getting your brake rotors and pads inspected on a regular basis promotes optimal brake performance and how it can help prevent costly repairs in the future.