Jiffy Lube and The Home Edit Team Up to Help Ensure Vehicles Remain a Place of Calm for Consumers, Putting Them in the Driver’s Seat of Car Care

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Jennifer Friedmann
JiffyLube International, Inc.

Cars get “sanctuary status” with a series of tips from expert organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of Netflix’s ‘Get Organized with The Home Edit’

HOUSTON (July 14, 2022) – To help put people in the driver’s seat of car care – specifically around disorganized cars – Jiffy Lube, a leader in vehicle maintenance, has teamed up with expert organizers and national television personalities Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit, to launch “The Car Edit,” bringing the same proven organizational approach for the home to the vehicle. Combining Clea and Joanna’s organizational prowess with Jiffy Lube’s commitment to vehicle maintenance helps drivers to preserve their peace of mind with a well-maintained vehicle.

The collaboration follows a recent biometric study, conducted by Jiffy Lube in May 2022, that revealed that the top two drivers of emotional well-being – as it relates to vehicles – were a well-organized and well-maintained vehicle. As well, it uncovered that dirty, disorganized cars and dashboard warning lights elicit strong negative emotions, making people feel like they’re not in control of their cars’ condition and preferring to avoid their vehicles altogether.

“We wanted to understand the emotional responses to more functional vehicle maintenance and upkeep,” said Sara Smith, CMO of Jiffy Lube International, Inc. “The results of our biometric study show the significant impact that a well-maintained car can have on drivers’ everyday lives. We know that Jiffy Lube can help them manage unease that comes from dashboard warning lights, but when it comes to a dirty and disorganized car – we wanted to rely on the experts, Clea and Joanna.”

Clea and Joanna reinvent traditional organizing, with every project rooted in functional systems that can be maintained for the long term. The duo has gained a widespread following for their signature stylized aesthetic as well as their Netflix show “Get Organized with The Home Edit,” which demonstrates their organizational skills in every space of the home - from bedrooms and kitchens, to closets, garages, and pantries. Jiffy Lube is now challenging Clea and Joanna to apply their meticulous attention to detail to a car’s interior.

“We’re on the road quite often to visit our clients and it’s important for us to keep all of our spaces organized, especially our cars, for which we rely on to get our work done,” said Clea and Joanna, co-founders of The Home Edit. “We’ve realized that our cars essentially have three closets – a glove compartment, a console and a trunk. We maximize the functionality of these spaces to make sure that the rest of our car is clutter-free, and it has certainly helped us in our most chaotic moments. We’re excited to be able to help others break free from the disorder and feel empowered, secure and proud of how they maintain their cars.”

Passionate about reducing stress from disorganized spaces, Clea and Joanna suggest drivers apply these tips in the car:


Think of your glovebox as the center for all of your important, essential documents and items. We like to organize items by “type” into separate pouches…because, as always, we’re continuously seeking ways to put a system in place. When choosing our pouches for this space, we prefer clear or mesh fabrics, so you can see what is in each pouch and easily access them when needed. Our pouches include:

  • A “Car” pouch, which holds insurance cards, car manuals, registration, and other important documents.
  • A “Shopping” pouch, which of course includes our Jiffy Lube coupons as well as receipts, punch cards and gift cards.
  • An “Emergency” pouch which includes extra money/change, band aids, a window breaker / seatbelt cutter, etc.
  • And, for our fellow parents, we also keep a “Snack” pouch handy with non-perishable, portioned snacks, energy bars and napkins (for our messy eaters).



Your console acts as a lifestyle hub, holding all of the items that will get you through the day, while on-the-go. If your car does not already come with organized sections in the console space, we recommend getting a few organizational compartments typically designed for a desk. We find that these work best because many are stackable and have designated compartments for items we’ll be storing in this space. Here we like to keep pens, a mini notepad, phone charger cords, mints/gum, disposable masks, sample size makeup products for touchups, hand sanitizer, tissues, and more.

For expanded organizing space, a car seat gap filler is a dream. It fits between the front seats and the console, adding additional storage and most importantly – it prevents thin items like phones, loose coins, and credit cards from falling into the gap and getting stuck under the seat. As we know, this becomes a stressful situation that can be easily avoided with a little extra coverage.


A trunk organizer is your friend! We use the ones that sling over the backseat headrests, but anything with multiple compartments will help maximize space and minimize clutter in the trunk. In this “car closet,” we recommend putting things you do not need immediate access to, but rather items you keep in your cars as a “nice to have” in any situation. This can range from blankets to extra water bottles, foldable jackets or ponchos, jumper cables, tire jacks, backup toys, an ice scraper, reusable shopping bags, a flashlight, towels, and more. And most importantly, we recommend our Rainbow Method for organizing the items in these pouches: first organizing by category, then sorting those categories into rainbow color order. This always makes your organizing projects more enjoyable to interact with.


  • Headrest Hooks are a great tool to keeping seats and floors free of additional clutter. They are also helpful in avoiding grocery bag or purse spill out incidents from happening while you are driving
  • Mini Vacuums can be kept in your trunk organizer, and are useful in cleaning up crumbs, dust, hair, and dirt in between those interior detail visits
  • Remove Trash and Unnecessary Items from the Car, Every Day. On your last car trip of the day, try to get in the practice of removing accumulated trash, empty water bottles, recent purchases, etc. from the car. Don’t wait until tomorrow, or it will likely build up into a bigger mess.
  • Regular preventive maintenance is essential to ensuring peace of mind while in your clean, clutter-free sanctuary. Regular Jiffy Lube visits help keep those warning lights off.

And to address those illuminated dashboard warning lights, Jiffy Lube has more than 2,000 service centers across the U.S. and in addition to oil changes, offers an expanded suite of services including engine diagnostics, tires, brakes and more, helping drivers be proactive with car maintenance.

About Jiffy Lube

Founded over 40 years ago, Jiffy Lube serves approximately 20 million customers each year at more than 2,000 franchised service centers across North America. Jiffy Lube pioneered the fast oil change industry in 1979 by establishing the first drive-through service bay, providing customers with fast, professional service for their vehicles. The company continues to lead the industry with the evolution of its business model, Jiffy Lube Multicare, which offers oil changes, brakes, batteries, and tires as well as other services consumers want and need. Headquartered  in Houston, Jiffy Lube is a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Shell USA, Inc. Visit www.JiffyLube.com to learn more about Jiffy Lube and vehicle care.

About The Home Edit

The Home Edit was founded in 2015 by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin with the goal of reinventing traditional organizing and merging it with design. Since then, it has grown into a global media and organization company with a social following of over 7 million people and organizing teams in cities across the country. The Home Edit has become a household name thanks to two New York Times’ bestselling books, an Emmy-nominated Netflix show, “Get Organized with the Home Edit,” and a successful line of organizational products sold in stores in over 27 countries, including at its most recent retail partner, Walmart. In 2022, The Home Edit was acquired by Hello Sunshine/Candle Media.