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Jiffy Lube Tips to Improve Fuel Economy and Stretch Your Dollar

Jiffy Lube® is one of the largest providers of preventive maintenance and light duty repair in North America.

Jiffy Lube Tips to Improve Fuel Economy and Stretch Your Dollar

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HOUSTON, Oct. 10, 2005 - Is keeping your vehicle on the road these days putting a squeeze on your wallet? October is Fall Car Care Month and the vehicle maintenance experts at Jiffy Lube offer these tips to help drivers get the most mileage for their money.*

KBreathe Easy

The air filter is a vehicle's lung. A clean one helps the engine combust an optimal air-to-fuel mixture, making it run more smoothly and efficiently. When the filter gets clogged with dirt, leaves, dead bugs or other contaminants, the engine has to work harder to pull clean air into the cylinders.

Air filters should be inspected periodically and changed when they are dirty. A new one can save an average of 14 cents per gallon of gasoline.

Make the Grade

If the air filter is a vehicle's lung, the motor oil is its blood. Motor oil lubricates the engine, keeping it cool and reducing friction between moving parts. As it circulates, it also cleans away harmful dirt and contaminants. When motor oil gets too dirty, it loses some of its lubrication and absorption abilities.

Look in the owner's manual and follow the vehicle manufacturers' recommended intervals for the type of conditions you drive in most often. The owner's manual will also specify which motor oil grade is best for your vehicle. Generally, use the lightest grade of oil the manufacturer recommends for the conditions in which you drive. The right motor oil grade can save an average of four cents per gallon of gasoline.

Feel the Pressure

Tires can be gas bandits! Under-inflated tires create extra friction where the rubber meets the road. Incorrectly inflated tires also wear unevenly, which can impact your vehicle's traction on the road and possibly lead to a dangerous blow-out.

Tire pressure should be checked regularly and filled to the recommended level. This information is usually located in the vehicle owner's manual or on a sticker in the doorjamb, trunk or glove box. Correct tire pressure is vehicle-specific, not tire-specific, so do not use the pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire.

Correctly inflated tires can improve your gas mileage about four cents per gallon.

Dump Your Trunk Junk

Golf clubs?camping gear from your last hike?lawn chairs from the family barbeque?snow shovels from last winter ? if it's not critical, get it out of the trunk! The more weight your vehicle has to haul, the harder the engine has to work and the more fuel it consumes.

Simply removing excess weight can improve fuel economy by 1 percent to 2 percent.

A Jiffy Lube Signature Service® oil change takes only minutes to perform and includes up to five quarts of fresh motor oil and a new oil filter. It also features a fuel efficiency review that includes an assessment of air filters and tire pressure, among other preventive maintenance services.

Jiffy Lube, with more than 2,200 service centers in North America, serves approximately 30 million customers each year. Jiffy Lube pioneered the fast oil change industry in 1979 by establishing the first drive-through service bay, providing customers with fast, professional service for their vehicles. Headquartered in Houston, Jiffy Lube International is a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Shell Oil Company.

Visit www.jiffylube.com to learn more about Jiffy Lube and vehicle care.

* Savings estimates based on a $2.50 cost per gallon of gasoline and government and independent studies.