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Love Me, Love Me Not? Americans' Response is Loud and Clear

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Love Me, Love Me Not? Americans' Response is Loud and Clear

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Jiffy Lube® Survey Reveals Special Bond Between Drivers and their Faithful Road Companions

HOUSTON, Feb. 11, 2011 -- Whether it was love at first sight or a relationship that developed over time and many miles, there's no denying it -- drivers love their vehicles. With the holiday dedicated to love just around the corner, a national survey conducted by Jiffy Lube International shows that drivers shower their rides with affection just as they do a close friend or family member. More than a third of American drivers reveal they've humanized their relationships with their vehicle by providing words of encouragement, doling out compliments, and apologizing or saying thanks.

Expressions of Love

Open communication is a driving factor in the relationship between man (or woman) and machine these days -- with many drivers admitting they very openly express their love and affection for their set of wheels. In fact, drivers are 30 percent more likely to encourage their cars for good performance than they were three years ago1. Today, 60 percent of drivers say they provide encouragement to their rides in various ways, allowing the relationship to blossom as the pair travels along the roads of life. How else are drivers showing love for their vehicles?

  • Simple Support -- Drivers show their endearments in many ways, proving that sometimes actions speak just as loudly as words. Three-in-five drivers say they have shown affection for their cars by providing verbal support or physical gestures of encouragement -- such as rubbing the dashboard or steering wheel -- to get their rides to start up, speed up, not stall out or stop.
  • Friendly Flirting -- More than a third of drivers compliment their vehicles. Dependability, superior performance and appearance top the list of drivers' reasons for bestowing praise on their rides -- if only the rides could flatter their owners in the same way.
  • Abundant Appreciation -- Ever been thankful to get somewhere on-time, make it through rough weather or on a limited fuel supply? Almost half of drivers have thanked their cars for a job well done and nearly a third has apologized to their vehicles -- be it for driving recklessly or getting into an accident.

"Valentine's Day is about celebrating love and appreciation for special people in our lives, but for some people that extends beyond friends and family to their vehicles," said Eric Eurich, head of marketing for Jiffy Lube International. "Just like any relationship, the one between driver and vehicle is built on taking care of each other. As drivers, we rely on our rides to get us to where we need to go, and our rides depend on us to properly care for them."
1SOURCE: Compared to survey conducted by Jiffy Lube International in 2007.

In it for the Long Haul & Avoiding Heartache

Long-term relationships are also on the rise, with nearly nine-out-of-10 drivers planning to keep their vehicles as long as possible. It's no wonder, since more than three-quarters of drivers have experienced major life milestones, such as having a baby, getting a new job, or acquiring a new pet, while owning their current vehicles. In fact, for some, vehicles outlast significant others -- one-in-10 drivers say that his/her current vehicle has been with him/her through a break-up with a significant other or spouse.

Drivers' passion for keeping their ride alive has become a national trend, and today, odometers are sporting hundreds of thousands of miles, with more than a quarter of drivers aspiring to clock 250,000 miles or more before moving on2. Drivers who are passionate about standing by their ride for the many miles ahead can confess their love and share their stories with the Jiffy Lube Facebook community, "Keeping My Ride Alive." Visitors can cruise the site to browse photos and stories from other enthusiastic drivers, or share their own photos and stories. No matter what the relationship status, every driver is welcome to join the community by "liking" the page and uploading their vehicle's image and story. Visit www.Facebook.com/KeepingMyRideAlive to share a story and read about others.
2SOURCE: According to a 2010 Jiffy Lube International survey.

So what's the secret to any long-term relationship? Proper preventive maintenance. To help drivers express their affection for their rides and keep them running for years to come, Jiffy Lube offers quick and easy preventive maintenance services, including the popular Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change -- a convenient service that includes changing, inspecting, checking/filling and cleaning key vehicle parts and fluids and offers drivers a quick and convenient way to maintain their vehicle. This Valentine's Day, drivers can demonstrate their commitment to the relationship by ensuring their ride keeps up with its preventive maintenance -- a date involving a Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change might be just the right way to show how much they care.

Drivers can also visit JiffyLube.com to find oil change coupons and promotions, Jiffy Lube news articles, community involvement programs and events, franchise information, and employment opportunities.

Survey Methodology

The Jiffy Lube International survey was conducted via telephone interviews during the period of January 13-16, 2011. The survey included a national probability sample of 1,006 adults comprising 502 men and 504 women 18 years of age or older living in the Continental United States. The survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation.

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