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More Summer Travelers to Pack Their Bags and Hit the Road this Year

Jiffy Lube® is one of the largest providers of preventive maintenance and light duty repair in North America.

More Summer Travelers to Pack Their Bags and Hit the Road this Year

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Jiffy Lube Survey Reveals Majority of Americans Will Rely on their Vehicle to Reach Summer Vacation Destination

Think the economy has travelers staying at home this summer? That's not the case according to a new survey from Jiffy Lube International. In fact, 88 percent of people surveyed say they plan on taking a vacation this summer, up 4 percent from those who indicated they took a vacation last summer.

While people are not willing to sacrifice their vacation, they are changing how they get to their destination. Seventy-one percent of travelers plan to jump in the family car, avoiding buying plane or train tickets and standing in long security lines; 30 percent prefer air travel, 6 percent plan to travel by bus and 6 percent plan to travel by train.

So where do summer travelers plan to go? Jiffy Lube found the top vacation spots for 2009 include: the beach (63 percent), historical sites (51 percent), national parks (46 percent) and museums (40 percent).

Whatever the destination, most vacationers will be putting some miles on their vehicle this summer and need to ensure it's in the proper shape to get there dependably. In fact, AAA recently announced that it anticipates 7.3 million motorists will find themselves stranded with car troubles this summer , and proper preparation can ensure your car makes it the distance.

"As travelers plan for summer vacations in the upcoming months, it's essential to set aside time to prepare their vehicle for the road," said John Sanfacon, head of Marketing and Innovations at Jiffy Lube International. "Simple preventive maintenance helps keep vehicles road-ready and will help provide a stress-free road trip this summer."

Summer Vacation Vehicle Checklist
Drivers can visit www.jiffylube.com/education/automotiveeducation.aspx to review simple tips for vehicle care. In addition, Jiffy Lube offers the following checklist to help travelers get their car ready for their summer vacation.

  • Check your engine oil & filter - Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, check your owner's manual to see how often your manufacturer recommends changing the oil and oil filter.
  • Clean dirty wiper blades - Don't get caught in summer showers with dirty or old wiper blades! Simply run a paper towel over your wiper blades to clean off dirt. Also, check for cracks and tears in the blades, and be sure to replace them as needed. 
  • Keep your tires pumped - Winter driving may have worn down your tire treads and pressure. Have a professional check to ensure they are properly inflated. You can find the proper tire pressure in your vehicle owner's manual or in your vehicle's door jamb. Be sure to check your spare too! 
  • Stay cool and check the A/C - There's nothing worse than having your air conditioning stop working in 90 degree weather. Have a professional perform a system check to ensure you'll stay cool when the weather heats up.
  • Engine air filter - An engine air filter is like your vehicle's lung, and the dirtier the air filter, the less clean air gets to your engine, thus affecting how it works. A clean air filter can also increase fuel efficiency. See your vehicle owner's manual for how often it should be replaced.
  • Prepare for an emergency - If you don't have a vehicle emergency kit, create one with items such as bottled water, a flashlight, flares, duct tape, an extra cell phone, energy bars, a blanket, and can of Fix-a-Flat®.

To find a Jiffy Lube in your area, please visit JiffyLube.com. 

Survey Methodology:
The Jiffy Lube International survey was conducted via telephone interviews during the period of February 19-22, 2009. The survey included a national probability sample of 1,001 adults comprising of 500 men and 501 women 18 years of age or older, living in the Continental United States. The survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation.

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