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The Air Conditioning (AC) system in your car is far more complex than you think. Automotive AC systems have many components. All it takes is just one of those parts to fail for your AC to start underperforming. So, if your car AC is not blowing cold air, don’t fret, because Jiffy Lube® will help you figure out what the issue is, and fix it fast.


Leaking or Low AC Refrigerant
Your vehicle’s AC is a closed system, which means it must be sealed to work properly. Over time, that closed, pressurized system may leak refrigerant, which is what cools the air that enters your cabin. If you sense that your car is blowing hot air, it may be a leak. You can head into a Jiffy Lube service center to recharge the refrigerant in your AC. It could be as simple as that! Just be sure to have a trained technician do the work rather than doing it yourself to avoid possibly further damaging your system.

Defective AC Compressor
Another problem could be your AC compressor. It’s what pressurizes the refrigerant to get that cold air you’re looking for. A failing compressor won’t be able to cycle the gaseous refrigerant through the system, so the air entering the cabin will not be cold. If your AC is not cooling, have a trained Jiffy Lube technician determine if your compressor is faulty.

Blocked or Damaged Condenser
The AC condenser is what turns the gaseous refrigerant into a liquid. When that happens, heat is removed from the refrigerant before it heads back through the system. Because your car’s condenser is located at the front of the car, it can become damaged or blocked by debris while driving. When that occurs, warm air coming through the vents isn’t cooled and can even cause car overheating, which may smell like something burning when the AC is turned on. (Take note of odd smells or noises coming from your AC ductwork, and be sure to inform our Customer Service Advisor (CSA) when you bring your vehicle in.)

Defective Condenser Fans
AC condenser fans help turn the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. When these fans aren’t working properly, the refrigerant will not be as effective in cooling the air that’s coming into the cabin as it normally would. You can check to see if your fans are faulty by opening the hood of your vehicle while your AC is on and look near the radiator to see if your fans are rotating properly. 


If your AC is not blowing cool air, the first thing you should do is bring your car to a professional. AC systems are complex, so it’s better to have a trained technician diagnose the problem rather than doing it yourself and risk further damage to the AC system. If you bring your vehicle to Jiffy Lube, technicians will conduct a full visual inspection of your AC system to identify any obvious issues, then they’ll perform a thorough inspection if they see anything troubling. Jiffy Lube always uses parts that meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, so you can rest assured you are receiving quality service and parts. 


Consistent and timely AC system inspection and maintenance is the way to go. We will help ensure that your car’s climate control system is firing on all cylinders and meeting its original operational design. Our trained technicians will present you with itemized service recommendations so you can decide which air conditioning repairs you want done, no pressure. That way you can decide your own course of action and get back on the road in a jiffy.

A Jiffy Lube technician preparing to inspect a vehicle's AC


Now that you have a better understanding of your vehicle’s AC system, you can find more information about getting your car properly tuned up. Our “Tips in a Jiffy” has new content added regularly so come back to the site for any questions regarding your car. 

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