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Q: What’s an easy way to help keep your engine running smoothly? 

A: Take care of the engine air filter! Here’s a quick Q&A to help you stay on top of air filter maintenance.

Q: What does the engine air filter do?

A: Your engine requires a large amount of air for proper combustion. The filter helps keep that air free of dirt, bugs, and debris that can get swept up into your car's intake system. A clogged filter can result in sluggish acceleration and may cause the engine warning light to come on. (Don’t you hate it when that light comes on?)

Q: Do you know how often to change the car air filter?

A: Typically, it should be inspected once a year or every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, but this can vary based on the car and driving environment. If you often drive through dusty terrain or on unpaved roads, you may need to change it more frequently. Consult your owner’s manual for the specifics for your vehicle. No owner’s manual? No problem! A Jiffy Lube® technician will be happy to access the manufacturer’s recommendations for your car.

Q: How will you know it’s time to replace the engine air filter?

A: Sometimes you can tell simply by looking. Pop the hood and find the air filter housing. It’s usually a black plastic box located next to the engine. (Check your owner’s manual for the exact location.) Open this housing, remove the old filter, and visually inspect it. If you see contaminants between the pleats, it’s time to replace the engine air filter.

Q: Are there different types of engine air filters?

A: Yes. Paper filters are the most common, but they are designed to be disposable. Gauze filters can be cleaned and reused, leading to lower costs over time. Check your owner’s manual to help you choose the right engine air filter replacement or ask a Jiffy Lube technician. 


Q: Last but not least, can Jiffy Lube replace the engine air filter?

A: Of course! Just bring your car to one of more than 2,000 Jiffy Lube locations. The technicians love this kind of stuff and will be happy to help you first decide how often to change car air filter and then they will replace it with a fresh new filter, based on manufacturer recommendations.

Jiffy Lube technician propping up a vehicle hood before they change the car air filter

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